In-house training

Living together as a disciple group for ten days.

Notice that we unfortunately have to postpone our next in-house training indefinitely due to the effect of the COVID19 virus on our planning. According to South African government resources, South Africa will experience the peak of the infection in September 2020 and it is uncertain when local and international travel will return to normal.

We will keep you informed as soon as it is possible to replan for the future.

The outcomes

  • You will learn how Jesus made disciples of ordinary people. You will walk in His footsteps, hear what he says and see what He does.
  • For ten days we will live together as a small community of disciples, putting what we learn into life practice, following Jesus as He intended. We will be his disciples.
  • We will walk step by step through the gospel of Matthew, learning how to use this gospel as the primary tool to put in other’s hands to make disciples just as Jesus did.
  • We will explore examples from the Acts of the Apostles and from Paul and Peter’s letters to discover how they applied what Jesus said and did in different contexts. You will then look for opportunities to do the same in your culture and context.


The life that we shared made me put myself into the time and situation when Jesus walked and lived with his own disciples in his days. I now try to impact and to transfer what I learned to other people. Apokla Ben

I attended seminary and Bible School lectures, but the experience we had @ your home is totally different. We learned how to love each other, how to care for each other and how to live according to the word of God. I never had this kind of experience anywhere. Raju


  • The gospel of Matthew can be used as a disciple making tool/manual, following Jesus step by step through the gospel.
  • When we as followers reach the end of chapter 28, we will be ready to disciple others in the exact same way as Jesus did.


In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to follow Jesus as a disciple walking in his footsteps through the gospel of Matthew
  • How to disciple others following Jesus’s methods, style and content
  • How to teach and mentor others to be discipling disciple-makers doing as Jesus did
  • We have a prefererce for married couples to attend together. Although single persons are welcome if we have space, there will be a focus on couples working together as a team.

Location:  Despatch, a suburb of Port Elizabeth within the Nelson Mandela Metropole, South Africa.We are about 18km from the airport and 15km from the Indian ocean. The climate is moderate throughout the year.

DurationFull training: A minimum of 10 days training. No charge for attending the workshop but meals and accommodation ZAR250 p.p.p.d excursions included. Travel to Port Elizabeth and back for your own account. Training takes place in a small group, living together with the hosts for the duration. The full training consists of living life together, formal teaching sessions, reading, simulations and much discussion. The excursions into the city and countryside are integrated into the training and all are learning experiences as well as good fun.

We will walk some short hiking trails as part of the time together. We will take the age and ability of the attendants in consideration, but we will walk at least 8-10km if possible.

The dress code is informal, even when visiting churches, though if you have formal national or ethnic dress, it will be welcomed to highlight your country of origin.


For those who attend and implement afterwards, we commit ourselves to guide and mentor at least through Skype or WhatsApp and if possible, by personal visits. By then you are part of a family following the Lord step by step.


  1. Introduction: (Math 4&28)
    • Kingdom, disciple-making and transformation in the gospel of Matthew
    • Was Jesus a rabbi? How did the rabbi-disciple system work in first century Galilee.
  2. Follow (Mat 4)
    • The call of the disciples Math 4:18-22
    • What they knew about Jesus and why they responded
    • What it means to begin following Jesus
    • Implications for sharing the gospel
  3. Become like (Mat 5-7)
    • Beatitudes as describing Jesus’ worldview
    • Applying the beatitudes in real life situations
    • Following Jesus through chapter 5 to 7, being impacted by his way of thinking and putting it into practise.
    • Becoming like Jesus in love
  4. Do as (Math 8&9)
    • Jesus demonstrates ministry literally hands-on
    • Social and spiritual implications
    • Putting beatitudes in practise
  5. Now you! (Math 10)
    • Preparing, mentoring and guiding disciples to go out and minister
    • Debriefing the disciples
    • Contextualising the first experience of following Jeus into ministry
  6. Disciple-making spaces (Whole gospel of Matthew)
    • Disciple making spaces as we journey through Matthew
    • Contextualising disciple making spaces in own community, physical space, cultural and social spaces, exploring new possibilities.
  7. Closer to the Father (Matthew 11 -26)
    • Jesus reveals step by step his identity as the Son of the Father
    • He leads the disciples into an intimate relationship with the Father
    • Jesus revisits many of the themes covered in the first phase of discipling in greater depth.
  8. Conflict Math 11-27)
    • Jesus leads his disciples into escalating conflict situations with various groups and authorities in preparation for the time when he will by physically absent even though present in Spirit.
    • The disciples are confronted with the cost of discipleship more than once.
    • Jesus helps them to understand Kingdom dynamics as we read the parables.
    • The final conflict and decision point at the cross and resurrection.
  9. Go and make disciples
    • As Jesus did it.
    • Foundational but not exhaustive.
    • Plans, Strategy from the Gospel.
    • Contextualising

Al material used will be made available free of charge and will include PowerPoint presentations, a manual in pdf form that you can print yourself and access to our YouTube channel.

Remember, the real training happens when we are together, following in His footsteps. The real handbook is the gospel of Matthew.

On behalf of Kingfisher Mobilising Center