The Dream

Kingfisher logo2Kingfisher redirects the body of Christ towards a disciple-making lifestyle in all spheres of life

Kingfisher is a family with an apostolic/prophetic function in the body of Christ who are being used by the Holy Spirit as a catalyst to strengthen His Kingdom movement.

Kingfisher is a family

We live in many nations with the same vision, values and calling – people with the same missional DNA (Kingdom, Disciple making and Transformation).  Everyone lives in a unique context with a unique sphere of influence, transferring the DNA and values in a disciple-making way. Members of the family infiltrate all spheres of society and life all around the world, mobilising people to be sent disciple makers who make the Kingdom of God visible and tangible.

We are being used as a catalyst       No Fishing

A catalyst accelerates a natural occurrence without being consumed by that process. Kingfisher use simple, but powerful workshops and training events, we coach and mentor leaders within long-term relationships, to increase rate of effectiveness and impact in the Kingdom.

We have an apostolic/prophetic function in the body

The vital importance and irreplaceability of our function in the body is best understood as being custodian of the genetic codes of God’s people, the gospel, the genetic code of the church.

We have the task of reawakening or remembering the body of Christ who we really are. We are optimizers; helping mainly established communities and followers of Jesus in every sphere of society to become more focused on purpose and geared toward their missional calling. We are helpful in remissionalizing established organisations and operationalizing movements.

What a privilege! In more simple terms:

Kingfisher redirects the body of Christ towards a disciple making lifestyle in all spheres of life.

Our task is to equip, mentor and coach Christians to live as God-sent disciple makers in all spheres of society and to make a real impact regarding the need of people and communities. It is our passion that God’s Kingdom will break through in the transformation of ordinary life, day by day. Our function as Kingfisher is to empower, to unlock, to inspire and to create a space where you can discover your identity and calling.

We are identity driven. We know there is a task which is not done yet. We know we have a responsibility to continue with passion. We know that Jesus is our Shepherd leading the way and that we are empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Our commitment

We commit ourselves to be available to you whoever you are. We journey with leaders, faith communities, small groups and individuals to make the dream come
true. We will walk alongside you, we will pray for you, we will share for free what the Lord entrusted to us. We will rejoice in your success and will be jubilant in the fruit that will flow from your lives and ministry.


Kingfisher Mobilising Centre grew out of the Hofmeyr Mission Centre, an initiative of the Dutch Reformed Church in 1991 and established itself in 2000 as a non-profit inter-denominational organisation. The aim was to mobilise faith communities within the whole body of Christ to reach out, starting with the need in their own communities and then moving on to the ends of the earth as the Lord directs. Since then Kingfisher trained leaders and facilitated processes in partnership with various local churches, denominations and organisations in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Partnering with Kingfisher

You can partner with Kingfisher in many ways. Reach out to us to see how we can work together by writing to us.

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