Mobilising as an intervention in the life of a faith community.


A faith community has a history before a Kingdom mobilizer gets involved, and long after we are forgotten they may still be effective and obedient in doing what the Lord called them for. Therefore it is important to determine the present position and exactly what input is needed for them to get momentum again.

If you have to explain to a foreigner the way from Cape Town to Johannesburg with the help of a map and a highlighter, you will ignore all the many lines and names and roads and dots on the map and only highlight the most direct road to the destination. Although all the points and roads indicated on the map are legitimate and useful,  only those intersecting the shortest road from my point of departure to the destination are relevant. In the same way a mobilizer will focus on the route to be traveled with a specific faith community and ignore all the rest, although it may be of great help to another, but different faith community.

This is determined by plotting a specific faith community against the background of what we call the mobilizing template indicating the Kingdom vision, values and lifestyle that describes a faith community fulfilling their calling and purpose as body of Christ on earth.

The most important questions right at the beginning are 1) “Where are we right now?” and 2) “Where are we heading?” In practical terms it may mean:

  • Faith community A may have a very strong desire to reach out to the least evangelized or marginalized in society, but without a clear understanding of how to disciple their members in such a way that they will be outward focused and ready to take on the challenge. This lack may be the most important issue to focus on. When disciple-making becomes en-grained in the understanding and practice of most believers in the faith community it will be easy to direct them to the desired outcomes. Re-introducing disciple-making into the DNA of a faith community may take a fair amount of time. While this is being done the end vision may be constantly illuminated by preaching, teaching and Bible-study within different setting.
  • Faith community B may have everything in place, with a good understanding of the Kingdom vision and a real desire to be available and to be used by the Lord in every possible way. The only lack may be the ability to plan and focus the efforts of the faith community in such a way that a real tangible result will come about. The mobilizer may only have to introduce practical suggestions and strategies to get some momentum, like guiding them to come into contact with the right role players in the community or taking a core group on an outreach to a least evangelized group.
  • Faith community C may be stuck because their values are not in place. Especially when the members do not make themselves available or when leaders are not open to be taught, stuckness becomes endemic. The sad fact is, that very little can be done until the situation changes, except intersession and the sowing of good seed.

The implication is that, although the mobilizer disciples the leaders in a faith community in a specific area, the involvement is temporary and focused on clear Kingdom outcomes. Those outcomes can be agreed on beforehand as it can be plotted against the mobilizing template. Therefore Kingfisher do not promise to be general advisers for all ministry aspects, but guides towards a Kingdom vision, Kingdom values and a Kingdom Lifestyle with the clear understanding that this will lead to the Kingdom breaking through in and from a specific community in such a way that everyone will be amazed at what the Lord is doing.

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  1. gajroberts says:

    Piet thanks for the article. Can I add to this. My experience is when a faith community begins to impact their community and the world there is some “returns on investment” for them. They grow in knowledge, insight and capacity of the kingdom vision, values and lifestyle – a wonderful capacity building kingdom lifestyle – cycle.

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