Four pillars of disciple making (Part 6)

Kingdom Lifestyle

Last year we started to discuss the four pillars of disciple making. It’s now time to zoom in on the fourth pillar which is a Kingdom Lifestyle. In the following weeks we will share video clips and articles which convey our thoughts in this regard.

The following is the first post in the series to refresh your mind on how we started this discussion.

Kingfisher, among others, wants to mobilize the body of Christ to realize God’s Kingdom by praying for the coming of the Kingdom, transforming all spheres of life, address the need in the world and live a disciple making lifestyle that will disciple all nations.  To achieve this we can only learn from our Master and Mobilizer, Jesus Christ. He modeled a Kingdom lifestyle among a small group of men, taught them God’s heart and asked them to go and do the same. When Jesus left them, they could go and reproduce what they experienced within those three years.

What was the elements that produced their life change, which they could reproduce, which started a movement

Within a community of people Jesus changed the disciples’ and many other people’s hearts, relationships and circumstances with His Word and a lifestyle of obedience to His Father. Jesus demonstrated a life that was on the go and His actions sought to rectify everything sin had broken or destroyed. Take note of the key elements: community, Word, obedience and a Kingdom lifestyle. Here we discover Jesus’ approach to mobilize His disciples to continue the realization of His Kingdom.

Mobilizing, in my mind, should therefore have the same elements. We should mobilize leaders in such a way that they can go and reproduce what they experienced. Jesus mobilized people to realize His Kingdom. To mobilize, therefore, is to make disciples the Jesus way, with a specific outcome – a Kingdom lifestyle. To disciple someone is to mobilize someone to realize the Kingdom and to mobilize someone is to disciple someone to realize the Kingdom.

By saying this, it does not take away the need for specialized mobilizing now, because many Christians and faith communities do not live from this foundation Jesus has set for us – a foundation to start a Kingdom movement that can not be stopped. Mobilizing wants to awaken and set people to the ways Jesus taught us a movement will escalates, and to open new horizons and possibilities according to the Hope who lives in us. If we mobilize the Jesus way and people rediscover and reclaim His strategy to reach and heal the world, the need for specialized mobilizing will not be so great in the future.

The four pillars of disciple making and mobilizing I want to explore are: community within a small group, centrality of the Word, obedience in relationships and purposeful witnessing as a Kingdom lifestyle.

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