Preconditions for disciple-making?

Are there any preconditions to disciple-making, certain events or conditions that should be in place before a disciple-making movement will start?

Historically speaking there were of course some preconditions for the movement that Jesus started –

  • Revelation since before the time of Moses as foundation
  • The development of a culture that understood disciple-making and its relationship to the acts of God within human lives
  • The mobilising ministry of John the baptiser in preparing the way for Lord to come.
  • A time of intense socio-political upheaval that opened peoples eyes to eschatology being realised in front of their very eyes,

From a spiritual viewpoint a few points could be listed as well –

  • A broken people reaching out to God, their only hope and salvation
  • A willingness to heed the call of repentance that went out wide and far
  • The life shattering experience of a messiah being publicly killed on a cross, followed by the resurrection and the explosion of hope that changed all perspective
  • God the Father drawing people towards Jesus
  • The risen Christ actively reaching out to the world through his very visible body within the community wherever his followers are

Paul writes about planting, watering and then waiting on the harvest that will come in its own good time as God works. He even describes how the interlocking roles of apostle, evangelist, prophet, teacher and shepherd as expression of the presence of Jesus within his body on earth, creates the dynamics for movement.


  • What would be the preconditions for a disciple-making movement in your culture and context right now?
  • Which preconditions for a disciple-making movement are in place already?
  • Which role from Ephesians 4 do you think would the Spirit use to put into place the next step towards a disciple-making Kingdom movement?
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  1. Peter Baumgardt says:

    When you ask the right question with the right motive and with a submissive heart you will get the right answer ….. expect one soon …..

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