More than a movement…

Disciples are never lone rangers – they are part of a discipling community. After an
operation last week I experienced how the risen Lord activated this community over at least three continents (thanks to electronic communication) to pray for me, encourage me and to minister the Father’s love to me. Actually it was Christ doing all of this through his body on earth.

A friend reminded me of the school experiment where a layer of iron filings on a smagfield3heet of cardboard suddenly comes alive when a magnet comes close enough, orientating themselves towards the invisible magnetic field.

This is exactly how a discipling community functions when Christ as head of the body ministers through the members, equipping and nurturing the community and reaching out to the world through them in transforming a broken world to the image of the Kingdom of heaven. Nobody needed to hold a meeting, do a planning session or devise a strategy, nobody needed to even send out a call of action when I needed ministry – Christ did it all and his body responded!

If all of this is true for the widest set of relationships stretching over almost the whole earth, how much more could we not experience Christ actively ministering through a group of say six, eight or twelve?

The implication for disciple makers then is that I am not making disciples on my own, but that Christ is doing it through us, intentionally, actively and with deliberate focus.

The implication for a disciple making movement is that even though our strategies and campaigns will have some benefit, being open to Christ to direct the body through his Spirit is the greatest advantage of all.

If Christ can mobilise more than a hundred members of his body to encourage just one person, how much more would be possible if He mobilises his whole body to make the Kingdom a practical reality.

And that is exactly what He is doing and you have been called for nothing less!



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