3. Making disciples like Jesus: The big picture

-In the footsteps of Jesus according to Matthew-

Picture a bookshelf.

Imagine that the theme of the Kingdom of God covers a whole shelf. The gospel of Matthew is one of the books on this shelf and fits into this theme of the Kingdom.

We shall start off where Jesus himself introduces this concept.

Read Matthew 4:12-17 and 23-25

Background:  The geographical area mentioned in verse 15 was known for a group of intensely patriotic Jews with a burning passion to be obedient to God in everything – so much so that they often went overboard in their zeal in the eyes of Jews living in Judea and elsewhere. They experienced the violence, oppression and pagan idolatry of the occupying Roman army and officials as a blasphemous affront and longed for the day of the Lord when God himself would act by establishing his Kingdom, chasing the roman enemy into the sea where it came from.

  1. In Matthew 4: 17 Jesus announced what his ministry is all about. In which way is his ministry like light breaking through in darkness?
  2. How does it look like in real life when the Kingdom breaks through? Verses 23 to 25 will be a great start. Make a list and don’t be too spiritual in your answers.
  3. How will your community change if God’s reign would break through likewise? Use your imagination and dream a bit. What if things would start to happen the way God wants it? How will it look like? Make a list again.

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