4. Making disicples like Jesus: What is a disciple?


A disciple is someone who follows a rabbi, becomes like his rabbi and begins to do what his rabbi is doing. A rabbi taught through example, through exposing his disciples to real life situations by the way he interacted with other people and by the way he interpreted Scripture.

Following a rabbi was something so special that nobody in his right mind would want to miss.

Read Matthew 4: 18-22

  1. What were the implications of Jesus’ invitation to the young men on the beach?
  2. What were the outcomes that Jesus had in mind?
  3. What do you think went through the minds of the young men when they heard the invitation to follow Jesus?

This was a first invitation, the first checkpoint on the journey. There would be more invitations, more checkpoints on the way. Each invitation would be a little different. We will be on the lookout for more of the same.

From a practical viewpoint it was relative uncomplicated to follow Jesus by Just walking in his footsteps as he went off. We will try to do the same by following the gospel of Matthew’s version of events. We will listen carefully to what Jesus had to say and will be on the lookout for what he did. Then we will respond by trying to keep up with him.

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  1. Piet Steyn says:

    Interesting that most likely the disciples were teenagers with the possible exception of Peter.

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