7. When you pray

o-african-american-praying-570As long as you do not think about it, prayer can be uncomplicated. It is easy to pray if you are in trouble. It is easy to talk to God in your thoughts. It is even possible to sit somewhere in a quiet spot somewhere in nature and experience on a deeper level some form of unity with the creator of all. But when we begin to think seriously about prayer it often becomes complicated and difficult. Jesus taught his disciples what they should pray about. Let us follow Jesus with them. Let us take the next step

Read Matthew 6:5-15 and Matthew 7: 7-12

  1. What were the main items on Jesus’ list of priorities when it came to prayer? Make that list again!
  2. With the list at hand, start praying for those same issues. Do it right now!
  3. Is there a connection between the Kingdom of God and the people you are spending the bulk of your time every day? What is that link?
  4. Does it make a difference in the way you view yourself if you start to pray like Jesus did?
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