8. Money?

south_africa_money_ssk_ioThe right attitude towards money is very important in the Kingdom of God.  Matthew groups three short parables together to unpack the money issue so that disciples can follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

People are very often uncomfortable with the idea that money is important in following Jesus. Unscrupulous characters who became rich off proclaiming the gospel easily comes to mind or even the sometimes unbiblical fundraising efforts of some local churches can be an emotional obstacle in rethinking money within the context of the Kingdom.

Read Matthew 6:19-24 and Matthew 6:1-4

The parables of the treasures in heaven and the one on Mammon is well known and need no explaining, but the story about the bad and good eyes needs some background information. In the Jewish culture of Jesus’ times having a good eye was an idiomatic expression indicating that the person was generous when it came to money matters. Someone with a bad eye, on the other hand, was stingy and did not fit into the picture of the Kingdom of God at all. Very often the middle of three examples was the most important, providing a key to understand the rest. So in this passage it is first and all about stinginess and generosity that sets the tone.

What is the place of money in your life?

  1. How can you invest in the Kingdom of God. Be creative and think outside the box please.
  2. How can you take responsibility to give with generosity?
  3. Do you only give to those who are worthy to receive? What about those who do not deserve to be blessed?
  4. Your lifestyle is a showcase for your understanding of how money should be used. What is the testimony you are living before the community?
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