9. Become like Jesus

Can we become like Jesus?

This is a very uncomfortable question, because the standard is set very high.

Except for the effect of sin, when it comes to Jesus’ relationship to his Father, his way of thinking and acting in his relationship with others, we can indeed become like him. Our approach to life can be like him, having the mind of Christ, because he gave his Spirit to live in and among us living the life of the resurrected Christ through us.

It is for all practical purposes impossible to live this life of Christ on your own, but as faith community we help each other to become more and more like Jesus.

How do you become like Jesus? By reading what He said in Scripture with open spiritual ears and by applying it in your everyday lifestyle.As you hear His voice in these passages, His very presence will impact the way you think about others and yourself. You will become in a way like Him, and others will begin to notice just that.

Read Matthew 7:1-28

  1. Jesus explains in these conversations principles that we can apply and integrate in our own lives. Read through and make a list of these principles.
  2. Write next to each item in the list an example of how Jesus demonstrated it in his own life.
  3. How going to make it part of your lifestyle?

Did the penny drop right now? This was another checkpoint, another opportunity to commit to Jesus in following him. If you want to follow Jesus, you will have to practise what you preach!

Are you willing to continue? Yes!

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