10. Do as Jesus did

UntitledHow do you learn to do as Jesus did? How do you learn how to do it within your own context, culture and even neighbourhood? There is only one way: Read what Jesus did with open ears and open eyes and start to do what he did. Yes, I know that what He did perfectly we will often mess up, but if what we believe does not become visible to some extent in our lives it means nothing at all.

You will need imagination to be able to do that – imagination to “see” what he did and imagination to “see” how it would look like in your own context.

Read Matthew 8:1-9:38

  1. What kind of healing did Jesus bring? Think wide and deep.
  2. What was Jesus’ motive in bringing healing?
  3. What were the outcomes that Jesus wanted to come from healing?
  4. How did Jesus challenge the disciples after they saw what he demonstrated?

Do you realise that virtually every time that Jesus ministered to someone in these passages, He touched them and that most of the time it was a person considered unclean or unacceptable in society? Every time breaking a social taboo and by implication every singe time himself becoming unclean in the eyes of the onlookers. 

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