14. Hear and understand

How does anyone grow towards bearing fruit? It has much to do with how you listen and what happens afterwards. Jesus told a parable that illustrates this.

Read Matthew 13:1-23

  1. Read verse 1 to 9 carefully and slowly. Use your imagination and see the story playing in front of your eyes. What is amazing is how reckless the farmer is scattering the seed everywhere. No farmer in his right mind would normally do that. And then that harvest is many many times more than anyone can expect in his wildest dreams. The crowds must have been shocked! That just not makes sense, except if you have ears and can hear. Upside down again!
  2. How you listen and what the result is fits in somewhere in what you are seeing. Where do you fit in/? Which picture tells your story? Share with the group.
  3. Read Jesus’ explanation in verse 18 to 23. Does it help you to understand? Do you still think the same about how you listen?
  4. Do you think that Jesus had ears to hear? Why do you think so? Give some examples. If you want to be like Jesus in listening, what should happen now?
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