16. Impact

How do you make a positive contribution in the community where you live or work?

Background: You will have to use your imagination again. Parables work much more than a picture that is painted than a mathematical formula that can be solved. So use your imagination, trust the Holy Spirit to make the story alive and look for the picture.

  • Jesus exaggerated in order to emphasise some important principle when he spoke about the mustard seed. Mustard plant only grow knee-high, but this one in the story is different..
  • The people of the Old Testament as well as from Jesus ‘time had the picture in the mind that the nations will come to Jerusalem to the glory of god like birds coming to roost in a tree.

Read Matthew 13:31-33

  1. What is similar in the two examples that Jesus uses?
  2. How are the two examples different from each other?
  3. What have these mind pictures to do with the Kingdom of God breaking through in the world?
  4. How do these pictures help you to think about the impact you can have in your community? How does it help to formulate a strategy that may work for you? Do not be satisfied until you have at least two strategies on the table.

This is how a whole community can be transformed. Do you see the upside down theology at work?




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