21. Kingdom transformation for spiritual leaders

As time was running out and the cross started to loom ahead, Jesus’ prophetic approach became stronger and stronger.

He deliberately started to confront the spiritual leaders of is time, the Pharisees with whom he had much in common in theory and the Sadducees that ran the temple for personal gain.

He took his disciples into the synagogues and eventually the temple itself, exposing them to the intense debates and sharp words.

At this point the disciples did not understand yet.

Within a few weeks they would have to be able to stand against the religious officials who wanted to kill off the subverting Jesus movement by force.

Read at least Matthew 23:1-39 and if you want to get a bigger picture, at least up to the end of chapter 25.

  1. Which standards did Jesus use to measure the spiritual leaders of his times against? Make a list.
  2. What do you think wanted Jesus the outcomes to be by exposing the disciples to his interaction with the spiritual leaders.
  3. What on earth should we do in our own context?



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