Mobilising faith communities and believers towards Kingdom Transformation

Within the Kingfisher family we look at the whole of our ministry through Kingdom coloured glasses. We are activists discipling the body of Christ towards a practical Kingdom lifestyle that will transform not only their own lives, but that of their communities and the rest of the world as well. In short, we guide and equip towards a Kingdom vision that will become a practical reality as Kingdom transformation starts to happen wherever Kingdom people are present.

The question is of course how to do it.

We do it by helping people to follow Jesus authentically, by hearing what He said and seeing what He did as we read the gospels, by being exposed by His way of thinking and doing until He himself impacts the follower with His presence and fullness of life. It is not our good material, our well designed strategies or planning that brings real transformation, but the presence of Christ himself through His Spirit that does the work.

When Jesus becomes real to you as you follow Him, you will begin to think like He did about life, about the community you live in, and the world around you. And when you see with your very own eyes how he opens up lives so that the Kingdom can break through in a practical way, it is impossible not to begin to do the same. Not only because He is a great example, but because in following Jesus you will be transformed towards His likeness as you become a blessing to others..

So mobilising for real change and transformation of a broken life, community and world starts with following Jesus, being impacted by Him and then living the Kingdom life in obedience and fulfilment of His expectations and goals.

To make it very clear and practical:

  • Kingdom missions begins with following Jesus
  • Kingdom aid and disaster relief begin with following Jesus
  • Kingdom development, care and education begin with following Jesus
  • Kingdom life in business and the workplace begins with following Jesus
  • Kingdom relationships begin with following Jesus
  • Kingdom communities begin with following Jesus

We do not do any of these things just because it is worth doing. We do it because we began to think like Jesus and started doing like Him as we are following Him.



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  1. Samuel. Adeleke says:

    Thanks Piet, that is really nice, all is about following Jesus.

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