Scope of Great Commission

It is very important that we realize the extent or scope of the Great Commission in Matthew 28.

In the first place the order was not so much to reach all the nations, but to disciple all the nations.  The success of the Gospel is not only dependent on people hearing the Gospel, but that they are followers of Jesus who become like Him and do what He did.  True disciples are people who live like Jesus and not those who are only members of a church!

The further extent of the Great Commission was that a small group of about 120 people received the order to disciple the whole world.  Each congregation therefore, has the potential to disciple the whole world.

Is the congregation where you are involved, geared, ready, motivated and equipped to disciple the whole world?  We simply do not think this way, because we are definitely not convinced that it is possible.  The whole way in which we are running our congregation and building our infrastructure, is definitely not according to a mental attitude that we are going to infiltrate the whole world.  Everything is done in order to accommodate people and not to send them out to live as disciple makers.

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