Discipleship is about desire, willingness, discovery, discussion and application – not lectures in classrooms

The willingness, receptivity, desire and openness of a person to be discipled, are the greatest factors which will determine whether it is going to be successful. You cannot disciple adults against their will in spiritual or other matters. A disciple is someone who willingly receives the revelation of the Holy Spirit in his/her life and who lives in obedience thereto. Discipleship is about a will that willingly submits to another will; it is not about an amount of lectures in classrooms where only information is transferred.

Disciple making is not a mere transfer of information, but the transformation of a life in every aspect thereof. In the process of disciple making there is indeed a factor of information or revelation of the truth, but it is the Father Himself who reveals it to the person. We have too many forms of disciple making where we preach to people and the Father gets no opportunity to speak to that person.

Jesus said in John 8:31-32 that someone is a true disciple if he abides in His Word, because then he will know the Truth and the Truth will set him free. Discipleship starts with the desire to personally hear the Father’s voice by reading the Word yourself.  If you do not have this as foundation, you only end up with human advice and laws.

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