Preaching the correct doctrine alone does not generate disciples who make disciples

The only place of freedom in the universe is the voice of the Father. No human instruction, course, teaching or preaching can set you free. Preaching is secondhand revelation to the hearers thereof and it will only bring freedom if the hearer goes directly to the Father to hear if that which was preached is indeed true. If mere preaching managed to set people free, the whole world would have been free long ago. It is only God’s voice in the preaching that sets you free if you can hear it. Preaching may bring about theological change in the mind, but it is one of the most ineffective means if your purpose is constant life change.

In churches doctrines are very important. That is the reason why there are so many denominations. Full-time leaders and preachers, who studied for 4 years and more, are appointed to ensure that members do not stray from the doctrines. The purpose of Jesus coming to earth was not in the first place to bring pure teaching, but to reveal the Father in pure living form as a person. It is not the task of leaders to constantly correct members. The Holy Spirit will lead everyone into the full Truth as long as they read the Word. Doctrine is not unimportant, but mere right teachings do not guarantee constant life change. Life change starts by the renewing of your mind, but this is only the start of the process – Romans 12:1-2. To obtain life change, you need your will, emotions and body to work together.

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