Disciple making is a lifestyle without end – it is not about a series of courses

Disciple making is in essence about lifestyle. It is something you are going to work on for the rest of your life and there is never going to be a perfect end. The essence of a lifestyle is also not a matter of having said and done everything perfectly, but it originates from and is motivated by the heart and depends on the attitude in the heart. Disciple making is far more about right attitudes than right words and deeds in the first place. There is also no course that can disciple you perfectly. No course or series of courses about being a disciple is going to finally settle the matter, because the perfect course was already written long ago, namely the Word! The Word is alive and powerful and by the power of the Holy Spirit can awake and change life and then maintain it. To disciple a lifestyle we need real life situations and not courses or sermons.

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