Disciple making addresses every aspect of life – not just religious and spiritual matters

God created man as body, soul and spirit and He made provision that we can live successfully in every aspect. Man is a being of uniformity and everything in life has an influence on every part of our being. In society everything has become institutionalized and delegated to institutions. The congregation takes care of the spiritual, the broker and bank manager take care of the finances, the school takes over education, the doctor manages the medical, the psychologist manages your relationships, the nursery school brings up your children and the Sunday school takes care of the spiritual education. There may be several disciplines in life, but God lays claim to everything in our lives and wants to transform every aspect of our life according to His divine purpose. He is the start of everyone’s life and the solution to everything. The Word addresses everything in our lives and it is the starting point for everything. God is God of everything in our lives! Man is by nature a spiritual being and all solutions start in the spiritual world. Directly and indirectly the Word gives the principles for everything in our society. As believers we cannot hand over certain parts to people so that they can take control of these parts of our lives.

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