Discipleship is an identity-driven lifestyle

Discipleship is about identity. All people live according to the understanding of their identities. You can only find your identity in the Word, in the presence of the Father, and you can only establish your identity by living it among others and by helping them with their identities. In short: You can only become a true disciple by discipling others! You can only learn to swim by jumping into a swimming pool and learning to swim within the atmosphere of water. You can only learn to manage relationships by having relationships with other people.
Somewhere along the line we have to start being honest and bring everything that we do in a congregation in line with this. There has always been only ONE commission from the Lord and that is to disciple the nations. There is still only ONE commandment from God and that is love! Let us stay with this and stop trying to find ten other things pretending it would help the process of discipleship along the way. Believers only become good disciples by discipling other people. No course can equip you, except to go and do what we have been commissioned to do. May the Father give us grace to become faithful to His Word and not to our church programs.
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