We call ourselves mobilisers

We call ourselves mobilisers. Very often the term falls strangely on the ear and we have to explain to others that we have the calling to get the body of Christ to move so that God’s purposes will actually come to pass in the real life we live every day. Before we rate ourselves too high, we should remember that it is not us, but Christ who does the work through the church, his body. So our task is to move the church towards obedience in fulfilling her calling as God’s instrument of choice to transform the world.

Kingdom mobilisers are people who see the grand scheme of God’s design, his ultimate purpose and the way to get there. Biblically speaking they are the followers of Jesus with an apostolic or prophetic view on church.  They want to see the foundations laid straight, the body of Christ fulfilling the task, the church function with every believer functioning optimally according to his or her gifting and calling.

So we pray for the breaking through of the Kingdom. We are pushing effective disciple making so that every believer will live like Jesus wherever they are Sunday to Monday and we actively put pressure on every faith community to do all of this in real life so that tangible results will culminate in the transformation of the world according to God’s purpose.

The Lord gave people like us as gifts to the body, together with the other gifts of evangelist, shepherd and teacher. You should find us everywhere where the body gathers, from the smallest house community to the biggest mega church, very often within missionary organisations and networks of those who work on the very edge where church and world meets daily.

Within Kingfisher we are constantly on the lookout for people in all walks of life with a similar calling. Although our training will help any believer or faith community to be more effective in their calling, we would like to identify those given as mobilisers, as apostolic and prophetic gifts to the body.

So our strategy is simple:


The most visible part of our work is done casting the net wide as we train local leaders in just about 20 countries on a regular basis. The equipping and guiding of the next generation of mobilisers and the link with others in the body of Christ happens often in private conversations, joint strategic discussions and informal interaction.

Taken together, these three elements are the seed from which  our modest part of God’s  great movement must grow.