Kingfisher’s involvement began as a partnership with AFMIN / EMIT. Their leaders identified strategic role-players who has met three times already – the last time with their wives.

Johann Theron
  • The first training event focused on the Matthew Disciple-making workshop, where everybody planned to implement in their own spheres of influence as well as to train others.
  • The second event focused on assisting them to implement more effectively – the main points of the Matthew workshop as well as some concepts from the Acts workshop was repeated. Participants again planned for implementation. This time they ventured into new spheres of influences as well as unknown territories.
  • The third workshop centred around Matt 4 : 19 : ‘Come with Me, I shall make you fishers of men”. This time some emotional growth concepts were handled. The reason why people very often do not make disciples is that they are emotionally unhealthy. Before this stumbling block is not addressed they will be handicapped in their disciple-making efforts.
  • The next phase (June 2020) is to present the Matthew workshop with them in settings of their choice. They will be responsible for mentoring these disciples.
  • I hopefully think I see the first small signs in interest from the Zambia disciples in taking the movement to Congo, Tanzania etc.


All of these role-players in the Zambia movement receive a weekly message highlighting some of the disciple-making principles. They also eagerly share their failures and successes on this watts app group.

Johann Theron