Online Training

Like jesus

“Like Jesus” is an introductory online disciplemaking course.

“What if it were possible to do what Jesus did? What if, like Jesus, we could make a major impact on our world without ever traveling more than a hundred kilometers from home? What if we could take a group of “unschooled and ordinary men” and equip them to turn the world upside down (Acts 4:13)? What if in just four short years we could create a movement of disciple-makers, just like Jesus?”    

Participants will

  • Rediscover Jesus’s strategy to change your context
  • Master the foundational Biblical concepts of disciplemaking
  • Be practical equipped to start disciplemaking movements – make disciples who make disciples.
  • Learn through professional media as well as insights from fellow students.

Duration of course : 10 weeks – it requires about 2 hours per week excluding fieldwork.

Method : Wattsapp.

Cost : Free. You need : A passion for God and internet access.

Workshop: Discipling the Jesus way.

We recommend that after “Like Jesus” the workshop Discipling the Jesus way should be next. It provides practical tools That you can use to disciple anybody in any context the way Jesus did. You will learn form Him.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • How to follow Jesus as a disciple walking in his footsteps through the gospel of Matthew
  • How to disciple others following Jesus’s methods, style and content
  • How to teach and mentor others to be discipling disciple-makers doing as Jesus did using the gospel of Matthew as handbook.
  • How to apply the Jesus way of discipling in different contexts and cultures.

The workshop will be done over 3 modules of five themes each. Each module will take about six to eight weeks and will include practical work to be done.After every module you will have the opportunity to advance to the next. A certificate of completion will be awarded after every module only if all assignments and feedback are completed.

  • Following Jesus through Matthew 1. What does it mean to follow Jesus? How can we walk in His footsteps and be impacted by the way He thinks and ministers?
  • Following Jesus through Matthew 2. As we follow, Jesus brings us closer to the Father and his kingdom. He prepares us to be ready to make disciples when we reach chapter 28.
  • Towards a disciple-making movement. We learn from Acts and the Letters in the New Testament how to take Jesus’way of making disciples to other cultures and contexts in order to do the same.