Urgent Prayer request for India

Monsoon floods in Northern India destroyed all communication links, roads and bridges to thousands of people in the region, with reports of many deaths as well.

Our partners in this region are doing their utmost. On Monday Anand Lal wrote: ” Rains halt life in Uttarakhand State ( North India). In three days 300 mm rain has been recorded. Normal life is paralyzed by continuous rain in Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar, every part of this state. The disaster occurred at about 4:50 a.m. when people were sleeping. The flood, sky burst and landslides washed away so many bridges, flattened houses and so many people are reported to be missing. Please pray for the people of my state (Uttarakhand).”

Yesterday Vikrant Bhandari reported: “There is no way that we can make it to the affected area in the Mandakini Valley where AGAPE is working for the 200 families and their children. All the roads are completely washed leaving no sign of ever existence. Might sound like a joke but really wish that we had a helicopter! Keep praying!”

The implication is that they have to walk in to make contact, over very treacherous mountain trails. Vachan Bhandari reported on Facebook that their are no helicopters available as availability is stretched in the whole region.

Please pray for all the pastors in the region. Apart from giving spiritual direction in a massive crisis, most of them are involved in community projects that are battling to cope with the demands made on them. Many of them are known to us and as we are one body, we hurt when they hurt en we feel the strain they have to bear. And we rejoice when the Lord helps them when they call on His name.

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