29 October 2019

Dear Kingfisher family,

According to our vision statement, Kingfisher redirects the body of Christ towards a disciple-making lifestyle in all spheres of life. We know that we need a strategy that is simple and based on the same disciple-making principles that we love to preach and teach about. In short, even in our strategy we have to walk the walk that we talk!

Our strategy rests on three legs, just like the famous South-African cast iron pots that we all love so much.

  • Every member of the Kingfisher family should make disciples, following the content, method and style Jesus did. We all need to put our convictions into practise and do!
  • We teach the principle of disciple-making on every platform that we have access to: churches, Bible schools, seminaries, small groups and much more. Sow the seed everywhere! Many will be impressed, and some will apply it in their own lives and ministries.
  • We identify those with an apostolic-prophetic approach who will take the message and run with it, becoming mobilisers who will impact their own regions, countries and communities. Without them taking the baton the dream of a movement bigger than we are will never come true.

The wonderful and joyous news is that we have all three legs of the pot standing firm in Africa, Eastern Europe and South-East Asia. We cannot always go public with names and pictures as some of the key people live in countries that do not tolerate the Christian community growing, but they are taking up responsibility.

We had the privilege of having a group like that in our home for two weeks. It was intense and focused. Living as a community of disciples, following in Jesus’s footsteps.

Even more, we are not the only ones! All over the world, the Lord is calling other organisations, ministries and individuals to the same task. This is a task worthwhile to live for and to die for. This is exactly what our Lord did.

Let us follow Him, step by step,

Your brother

Piet Steyn

1 thought on “29 October 2019

  1. Thank you Pieter.
    I have done the discipleing workshop and personally experience the becoming one with Jesus in the teaching from scripture.the how to follow,how to be like and how to lead others to be who Jesus wants us to be.

    I think, anyone who calls him or her a child of God should be discipled from scripture as this discipling workshop does.
    This is to fullfill our calling”go and make disciples, here and to all the corners of the world”
    How can I make disciples for Jesus, if I has not being discipled according to scripture.

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