May 2020

Dear family

From around the world it is reported that people come to faith in Jesus Christ during the time of Covid-19. We can only praise our Father for that. Google reports that unprecedented interest currently exists in questions about God and in online spiritual messages. People have a need. Communication between people about Jesus has multiplied while people cannot sit in worship services or fill church buildings. People reach out to each other more and serve one another. They do not miss the pastor or priest so much. They minister, encourage, teach, disciple one another! Is it not wonderful?!

People start asking questions about where science and human intellect are now, when we need it most. Where are the humanist scholars who place more faith in man’s ability rather than in God?

Jesus was in a boat with his disciples at one point. The wind and the waves wanted to overwhelm them and they were afraid. They had no solution or control. Jesus entered this uncontrolled reality with His reality and brought calm and order. The disciples thought they were perishing. They called to Jesus – they sought His presence in distress.

The ultimate consequences of Covid-19 worldwide cannot yet be imagined at this stage, but the reality of death, illness, uncertainty, unemployment, deepening and greater poverty, and so on, is urging people to call on Jesus for help. The other ‘certainties’ just shrug. Jesus is faithful! He is in our midst and he stands up in people’s lives and brings peace and tranquility. And most of the time, He does it through an encouraging, supportive friend or family member. This is where people now experience Jesus in action. People do not necessarily experience Jesus’ compassion in the practices and strategies of our traditional church, but in discipleship relationships where people influence one another with truth, values and peace.

At a time like this, I hope the church and church leaders see something – and I not only mean the awakening internet communication possibilities, but that they will realize what the Holy Spirit wants to teach us in this time – remind us of. It is a time of discovery of the real inner workings and strategy of God’s kingdom. Therefore, it is a time for you as a leader in the church to equip believers and release them to live as sent disciple-makers wherever they find themselves each day. It is time to equip and release people to become actively involved in the need of the world – not as a command of a church action or program, but because Christ sends you to your neighbor in his/her distress.

May this time of equipment by the Holy Spirit be welcomed and embraced. May it really change our thinking about being a congregation and may it shift our focus to the Kingdom of God and may we not again fall into the same old customary practices.

About 70 to 90% of all people who come to faith in Christ Jesus are guided, influenced, discipled by a friend or family member. This truth once again invites every follower of Jesus Christ to be available to those in need, meaning spiritual, physical and emotional need. At a time like this, it is a unique opportunity to grow in the strategy that Jesus proposed to us and it is to allow, in relationship with people, that Jesus flows through you to others. Jesus is the great disciple maker but He prefers to touch others through you. Therefore, remember and use this time and build relationships by visiting people, engaging need, reaching out to an unknown person, through social platforms, internet communication platforms – to make Jesus’ presence known in people’s lives.

Kingfisher urges you not to do church as you always did. You are part of the Body of Christ – a mighty revolutionary renewing force of the Kingdom. You are a disciple maker! Be there for people. Be available, be teachable, be useful, and live the life of Jesus to establish the Kingdom of God together, to do His will together, to honor His name together.

Your brother


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