23 January 2020

Dear family

May you experience a year filled with grace and truth!

  • As Kingfisher we want to see our Father’s Kingdom to be more visible, tangible, to be experienced.
  • We want to see His will be done, His name be glorified, on earth as it is in heaven.
  • We want to see the body of Christ to rise to the calling – to live as disciples and to make disciples.
  • We want the church to throw off everything that hinders and to follow Jesus in His way.

I believe we can be more obedient making it a reality, immersed in our Father’s love.

As Kingfisher we want to make our contribution in this regard.

We focus on relationships and journey with people via workshops, small groups, internet, one to one, to rediscover who they are and what they are doing here. 

We are not program driven, but relationship driven, identity driven.

We want you to

  •  Follow Jesus practically and in the process become like Jesus and do what He did
  • Approach Scripture differently to hear from God yourself and to obey in disciple making spaces
  • Continue the life of Jesus on earth by: thinking more like Jesus (adopt a Kingdom Culture); relationships; servanthood; prayer; focusing on needs of people
  • ·Make disciples practically in ordinary life from a new discovered identity, calling and potential
  • Live with Kingdom impact
  • Plant the seed of a disciple making culture in your own influence sphere (family, group or faith community)

The Holy Spirit is not done in your life, but always busy to transform you more into the image of Jesus Christ. In this process, more than sometimes we need to be reminded who we are. 

This is where Kingfisher is available.

Let us give ourselves for this transforming work of Christ in our lives and for other people’s lives in 2020.

In what way are you going to give yourself? What needs to be done by the Holy Spirit in and through your life?

We invite you to journey with us or help others to journey with us.

Believe in yourself because Christ Jesus believe in you.