24 February 2020

Dear friends,

Kingfisher started out twenty years ago as an organisation mobilising churches to reach out to others in their own communities and beyond. Over the years we learned that the heart of church-life, the heart of all outreaches and community action as well as the core of a believer’s spirituality is about following Jesus. Without following, we are running programs that will make us tired and grumpy like someone pushing a wheelbarrow uphill all the time.

Therefore we rephrased our vision. “Our dream is to redirect (mobilise) the body of Christ towards a disciple-making lifestyle in all spheres of life.”

If we want to see God’s kingdom break through in the ordinary lives of ordinary people everywhere irrespective of culture, country or social status, this is what is needed most:

  • People consciously and with intent following Jesus
  • Following by being impacted by Jesus’s way of thinking, being transformed in their worldview and approach to life.
  • Following Jesus in practical ministry, reaching out to people in physical, emotional and spiritual need, those at the margins of society.

This is more than just knowing how to be saved or following the ideas of the Jesus of 2000 years ago. This is being impacted by the risen Lord himself. 

Jesus Christ makes himself present within the body when a small band of disciples gather in His name. As we follow Him step by step he reveals Himself in the words and ministry of a brother or sister so that not only we can see that He truly lives, but that the whole world can see that He is present in the lives of the disciple community.

I would like to challenge you to intentionally live the Kingdom lifestyle that you learned from Jesus himself as disciple groups. Through his death and resurrection and by the power of the Holy Spirit this is more than possible – it is the (super)natural expression of his presence amongst you. Then He himself (through you) will reach out to the broken, and draw them in, heal them, and make them instruments in His hands that will reach the world.

The secret then is simple: It is by being transformed, redirected, mobilised ourselves, that others will be transformed.

May this be your experience day by day.

Your brother


1 thought on “24 February 2020

  1. Powerful do you know that when you stop sharing such insights you leave some hungry and thirsty wanting to hear more and start strategising, thinking big who to approach knowing the target group and environment thanks so much, I feel so strongly about this movement if church leaders can be trained to train their leaders via members within 6months there will a great impact Shalom

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