1 September 2020

Dear family

In this challenging time and the ‘new normal’ so many are talking about, I see many articles about leadership and how leaders should think and manage it. The situation and changing times we live in ask for a new approach in business as well as church.

A few years ago Kingfisher started to think totally different about leadership and our strategy and we learned a lot. Maybe we can make a positive contribution to the current leadership challenges by sharing a few implemented ideas.

We believe there is a difference between Kingdom-based leadership and organization-based leadership (the current model in most businesses, organizations and churches).  For example: organization-based leadership promotes a strong visionary leader who develops a single vision for an organization while Kingdom-based leadership wants to empower people to develop many individual visions to accomplish a certain goal. Kingdom leadership wants to move away from strategic (controlling) leadership whose goal is to direct the organization toward a predetermined outcome, and replace it with process leadership that leaves the outcome undefined.

We rediscovered our model leader. Jesus started a movement, not an organization. While he set an overarching objective for His followers –  to make disciples – He did not communicate a unique vision of church life, nor did He impose on us a list of objectives for the various jobs and functions inside the church. Rather, He left each of us to seek and find our own vision with regard to our place in the body and our ministry. Instead of a church-building strategy with well-defined benchmarks or outcomes, Jesus focused more on the people and the process.

Someone wisely pointed out that our organizations are perfectly designed for the results that we are currently seeing. More of the same will only produce more of the same. You cannot lead the way you have always done so in the past and expect different results. What brought success in the old form of influence will actually bring failure in the new. The way you attract people, train them and organize them all must change. The old standard of what is success must be replaced.

There is something new happening. With the advance of technology making the world flatter and mass communication easier we should rethink our methods. Bestselling authors are pointing us to a more movemental paradigm of how to lead. The Tipping Point (Gladwell), The Starfish and the Spider (Brafman/Beckstrom) and Tribes (Godin) point us toward a new way of leading as well as organizational principles that defy the status quo and break open new ways that are actually quite ancient. Jesus and Paul both catalyzed this sort of movemental influence in the first century.

Look for a while at the difference in leadership styles. Maybe it is time to rethink wherever you find yourself.

Blessings, love and greetings

Dirk Coetzee

1 thought on “1 September 2020

  1. A movement is born and grows spontaneously. It cannot be planned and organised into existance. If it could it would have been easy.
    Movements just happen.

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