October 2021

Dear Kingfisher family,

In Africa this is the time for the youth.

While looking through the pictures and video clips sent in by believers in Malawi and Zambia who are taking part in an online discipling workshop I see something remarkable:

·         The majority of the “disciples” are young – mostly in their twenties.

·         As part of the practical component they have to gather around them a small group of friends or family where they can discuss and apply what they have learned. Most of these are in their twenties again.

·         Many of these young men and women are actively reaching out into their communities to give the gospel hands and feet in reaching the needs of people all around them.

Every three months 35 to 40 people begin this course open to anyone at all and every time the majority is in their twenties and early thirties. This despite the difficulties of expensive internet data, phones that do not readily connect to the internet or do not play the short instructional videos. Most of them are unemployed or working for a very small wage.  But still they join!

Many fall out along the way because the difficulties mount and they cannot return their assignments. But a third and sometimes up to half of them persevere against great odds and finish.

The youth of Africa know hardship and trouble, but they are resilient, focused and are following Jesus passionately.

This is not a matter of becoming better Christians, they are applying what they learn and creatively impact their communities with a lived gospel that touches lives, open up new possibilities for poverty-stricken communities and draw in the rejected and marginalized in society.

This is the time for the youth of Africa!

God bless

Piet Steyn

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