November 2021

Dear family

Kingfisher mobilises the body of Christ to a disciple-making lifestyle in all spheres of society.

Our job is to equip, mentor, and guide Christians to live as God-sent disciples in all areas of society and to make a real impact regarding the needs of people and communities. Our function as Kingfisher is to empower, unlock, inspire and create a space where believers can discover their identity and calling.

In general, we minister locally and internationally with what Jesus has entrusted to us in established and new relationships. We do this with workshops offered, mentoring and coaching our Kingfisher family.

The virus forced us to rethink how we put what Father has entrusted to us on the table. We have experienced that the Lord uses the situation to open up many creative new possibilities.

● Kingfisher’s range of discipleship material has been posted on a digital platform

● Numerous new workshops have been developed

● Professional sets of videos are produced

● Whatsapp platforms have been created

● Moderators who have been in our sphere of influence for a long time have been mobilized to help mark assignments

● Administrative systems have been created to support the above initiatives

We are amazed at how the Lord uses this initiative – which we did not plan (fortunately not 😊).

● New converts enter the Kingdom. We receive testimonies from people whose lives have changed radically

● Disciples follow Jesus more devotedly and make other disciples who in turn make other disciples

● Discipleship groups are formed that actually function as new house churches

Father has opened doors for us in Malawi, Zambia, the Congo and Mozambique in the past two years. Hear what Pastor McDonald Nkhoma, Kingfisher Malawi National Coordinator has to say:

‘I conducted training in all the four regions of Malawi. Out of the four regional trainings God raised 26 first generation disciples. These disciples have produced almost five or more disciples each – and as I am testifying there are about over 130 second generation disciples in Malawi and more disciples are being produced everyday across the country.  I thank God for all that he is doing in Malawi through Kingfisher.’

Kingfisher’s workshops also run in India, Ukraine, Uganda, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Unfortunately, there are also some challenges that hamper Kingfisher’s training plans:

● The sphere of influence and team of Kingfisher in the countries as well as new students we want to reach with newly packaged material are really very poor which greatly limits their communication possibilities

● Strict restrictions in these countries due to the virus made recruitment more difficult. The restrictions also prevent students from completing course assignments

● Many people we do recruit do not have ‘smart’ enough mobile phones, internet access or enough data to share in the training

● The Kingfisher family in the respective countries are accustomed to personal training (to receive and offer) and move with difficulty the paradigm to virtual training

The above sometimes delays our plans as we experience in certain countries, but it is only temporarily postponed – not postponed at all. This has forced us to further develop materials strategically that could impact more contexts in the future.

Be thankful with us for the fruit, in prayer. Please pray with us for the mentioned challenges as well as for wisdom in the development and deployment of materials. Kingfisher also trusts Father God for other persons of peace who are our access to communities.

I would like to share with you some responses from students who have completed our workshops online.

‘My life is permanently changed in my understanding of what is Church and how it should operate.’

‘I now have a totally different perception altogether. It’s not yet too late. I will mobilize my church for searching the lost in line with Jesus’ Vision.’

‘Kingfisher has helped me to rediscover my purpose on earth. My entire Christian life has shifted with more purpose and reason to live.’

‘I am one person who has attended many seminars, conferences, on evangelism, missions and discipleship. But I have never experienced this deep truth of bringing me to the point of obedience on discipleship.’

I do not know about you, but my heart rejoices! Everyone who prays for Kingfisher and everyone who financially supports definitely has a share in the above transformation. We praise Father and our Lord Jesus Christ for you!

Thank you for your involvement, interest and prayers. Your journey with us motivates us to plow in what has been entrusted to us. Thank you for your love.


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