December 2021

Dear family

We would like to update you on a discussion the Kingfisher fathers, Pieter Steyn, Johann Theron and Dirk Coetzee, had on 23 November 2021.

Kingfisher is experiencing a new season in ministry as well as the fruit of this ministry.

Although disciple making is preferably an in-person process, we had to find a different way to continuing mobilising and equipping people during the pandemic – the internet! We started mobilising and discipling people via WhatsApp making videos, voice recordings and PDF-documents providing courses from 8 to 10 weeks.  More personal discipling is also done via WhatsApp, Zoom or Google Meet.

The reaction on these courses surprised all of us – the outcome and fruit are very inspiring.  We have found that it does not only have an impact and works well, it also serves as a screening process for people enrolling for the wrong reasons – with the online courses someone really needs to be committed to complete a course.

At the moment we are ministering to people in Zambia, Malawi, Kongo, Mozambique, India, Sri-Lanka, Uganda, Ukraine, Kenya and South Africa.

Throughout this process we are meeting people who have a passion, or develop a passion, for disciple making and people who are eager to pass it on to others. These are surely the men of peace who take up leadership and make disciples with a passion even if it may ask for some personal sacrifices.

Johann Theron developed a number of courses. He is good at recruiting students journeying virtually with him and moderators through 3 courses called “Spiritual Formation” followed by “Like Jesus.” Johann developed two more courses which can be presented by locally trained mobilisers. Presently courses are being presented in Zambia and Malawi by such locally trained mobilisers. Some of these courses were translated into local languages. Johann testifies that he has done roundabout 14 courses the last two years with ±15 people completing a course.

It happened naturally that Johann passed on those students who completed his courses to Pieter Steyn. They then journey with Pieter doing workshops about following Jesus. Three workshops were developed “Following Jesus” through the gospel according to Matthew: 1. Matthew 4 to 10, 2. Matthew 11 to 20 and 3. Mathew 21 to 28. Pieter is more excited about his and Dekseltjie’s approach to discipling people, following Jesus “Step by Step” through the whole of Matthew. They have a weekly appointment with different groups of people following Jesus and His disciples through Matthew via Zoom or Google Meet. Piet plans and hopes to do the Step-by Step with more people in 2022. He and Dekseltjie would also like to have the opportunity to do two multicultural in-house trainings.

We discovered that with our different gifts, experiences and passions, we are approaching disciple making from different points of view but with the same aim – to mobilise people to live a Kingdom lifestyle making disciples in all spheres of life.  Therefore, the question: Does this approach work well? Looking at the fruit, we have to say, “YES!” It is a unique new organic way of collaborating with different points of view and it’s very enriching. We are positive about what Father has done during the pandemic; therefore, we can say, “It is working well.”

Our style of leadership is organic; each one of us functions within his own gifts; no-one is appointed above another; a trio working together to one goal; we lead together, think together, discover together and grow together. We can testify that this approach of togetherness and cooperation works well.  We should improve our communication to better understand and influence each other. We acknowledge that the past 20 months were one of the most fruitful seasons in the existence of Kingfisher.

Dirk makes short voice messages combining all the teaching through which the Lord has lead Kingfisher the last four/five years. The content is shared information from Johann, Piet and his own teachings. The voice messages are short and easy to understand; therefore, it’s suitable to listen to while driving, doing some chores or during quiet times. These messages are available in Afrikaans and English and are presently used in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Uganda and Kenya.   

Dirk brings different teachings together, sending it out as voice messages, whereas with Johann and Piet’s methodology there are more personal contact for they expect report back.

Next year Dirk and Piet are going to develop and present a workshop on Acts – how did the disciples apply Jesus’s teachings and lifestyle? This too will be an online workshop.

We would like to develop all the workshops in such a way that trained mobilisers will be able to present it.

Our purpose and goals:

●        To personally live in the Presence of God

●        To grow in character with Jesus

●        To hold scriptures central in our discipling processes

●        To teach and live the teachings and lifestyle of Jesus – the Bible is our handbook

●        To function in smaller groups, reading the Bible, hear from the Lord and live it

●        To not only live accordingly, but to also pass it on to others

We are excited about this new season and hope you are getting excited as well. We hope this report gives you some insight on our journey and adventures and that you will continue to journey with us. May you be encouraged to take part and do all these courses to not only experience it in your own life, but also to pass it on to others.

Grace and peace to you from God Our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Kind regards


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  1. Stef Bothma says:

    The 3 of you do fit and work well together as a teams. May you see bundels of fruit on your seeds. Greetings

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